Brand Introduction

Originated from Hong Kong, China brand REGIUSTEA pioneer in Cheese Tea beverage, having 73 outlets in total globally. We offer the premium ingredient with affordable pricing. We believe everyone can enjoy a great lifestyle without paying a premium price.

REGIUSTEA - handpicked ingredients from all around the world. Start from Japanese Yugu authentic green tea, New Zealand cheese, French light cream, together with our excellent origin Zun goods of the original tea. The unique taste of our tea is blend with all the quality raw materials. We are ensuring not only the tea is tasty but we are taking care of our customer health as well. We believe a healthy drink, yet still delicious.

Signature! Original Cheese Cold Tea

Deprecation of traditional tea bags 5 degrees Celsius low temperature sealed extraction 8 hours only extract the beneficial ingredients in tea effective to tea
0 trans-fatty acid selection of high-quality imported milk in accordance with the proportion of gold mixed with fresh cheese
With our selection of fragrance-shaped tea at the end to create the ultimate smooth taste