Fizzius Fruitea

Fizzling Strawberry

Bubbling strawberry water infused with black tea, taste just like your first date.

Fizzling Iced Plum

Sweet and sour plum sparkling water topped with silky sweet Aiyu jelly.

Fizzling Peach Tea

Peach flavored sparkling water with a slice of lemon to spice it up.

Fizzlius Orange
with 3Q Jelly

Fresh orange flavored sparkling water topped with tea.

Fizzling Grapefruit
with 3Q Jelly

Freshly prepared 3Q jelly and grapefruit flavored sparkling water.

Fizzling Mango Passion
with 3Q Jelly

A combination of sweet mango and sour passion fruit, topped with chewy 3Q jelly to make your day.

Fizzling Green Apple
with 3Q Jelly

Freshly prepared 3Q jelly and green apple flavored sparkling water.