What makes us

Our tea are brewed thru soaking our tea leaves in mineral water for more than 8 hours to extract all the flavors and nutrients with lowered amount of acidity, resulting in a smooth fragrant after taste. Topped with cheese foam made fresh every day and whipped from cheese flown in all the way from New Zealand, our Cheese Tea is uniquely recognizable.

Our Product

Tea Leaves

Regiustea cold brew all of our tea to make the caffeine level even lower than those that are brewed with hot water, so no more worrying about not getting enough sleep after a cup of Regiustea

Our Product


Healthy fat like omega 3 and 6 is very much vital to our health and can improve our nerve and brain function. It is well know that this dairy product is packed with protein that is vital for our body.

Our Product


All ingredients are prepared fresh every day at each outlet. And to maintain the high quality standard for our beverage, man of our ingredients are imported from around the globe.